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Saturday, September 1, 2012

So, I had a baby Emmi

 I went and visited my midwife on Monday, August 20,2012 and asked her if she would check me to see if I was having any progress.
I had been cramping for days so I was hopeful that something would be going on.
She informed me that things were at about 50% and then asked me if  I'd like my membranes swept.
Ew, I know, but to anyone who has ever been pregnant forever those words are music to their ears.
I quickly agreed and left with a bounce in my waddle.
That evening I had some cramping and that was it. Nothing exciting.
A little disappointing however I told myself that 50% plus whatever the sweep did is definitely on the way to a baby.
 I saw the midwife again on Friday the 24th at 10am. She checked me again and told me that my cervix was "most favorable" so after another sweep I was instructed on how to make the labor cocktail and off I went to pick up the ingredients.

Since I responded to the cocktail in an hour with Elliott, Karen asked me to wait to take it until 1:00 because she had some errands to do and needed some time.
Good thing she told me that...
 I responded within the hour and by 3:30 I was feeling pretty ready to head to the hospital. My biggest worry was being stuck in the truck in active labor. I remembered the ride to the hospital with Elliott and did NOT want a repeat of the intensity of that trip.

When we got to the hospital at 4 things were really heating up. Karin checked me at 4:15 and informed me that I was 3 cm. I was a little surprised as my contractions were so close together and I was feeling them for sure.
 I had what seemed like only a few more and then when she checked me again she said I should stay up for a few more contractions to let gravity work for me rather than getting in the birthing tub. What I didn't hear her say was that I was at 4 cm. I believe this was Gods' sweet mercy because I would have been discouraged and worried about how much "worse" it was going to get as I was already in a lot of pain.
I stayed upright for maybe 3 more contractions and than my water broke on the floor. I was standing up leaning over the bed. At this point I started to rock my hips side to side like a crazy fat stripper and Ray informed me later that that was the point where he knew it was go time.
Next contraction I felt the urge to go number two if you know what I'm saying. I hobbled to the toilet and asked if I should. Karin said, "only if you don't have to push."
 um, ya. no thank you
I'm not having my kid in the toilet.

So I jumped up as fast as a preggo can and got in the tub.

Thank God Almighty I made it!!!

I proceeded to have one crazy ass long contraction that shot my sweet Emmi Grace across the tub! (I might be exaggerating a tad here but it truly was one push!)
 I was told later by Karin that from the time she checked me at 4cm to the time I was holding Emmi was 38 minutes. From the time my water broke until I was holding her in the tub was 3 minutes.


I was in total shock and didn't really take Emmi in until after she fed which must of been about 25 mins after she was born???

She is beautiful. She was and is perfect. My teeny girl. 6lbs 11oz and 19 inches long.

I am so in love with her. I look at my girls and my heart swells with pride and love and all sorts of wonderful feelings that only Elliott and Emmi could bring me.
My life is full and blessed and wonderful.
I am grateful to my sweet awesome Lord for blessing me so richly in this life He gave me.

My favorite people!
My perfect Emmi.

Happiness is this.


  1. Oh, you make me laugh! Can't WAIT to meet and snuggle her in person xoxo