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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random sewing projects

I want to be more computer savvy without putting in the effort so that I could magically know how to turn photos and gather them effectively from my iphone in less than one hour. Alas, I am not and therefore can not.
 I made this pillow from the directions described here. I have been finding all sorts of fun projects to do. This is only adding to my list of "bookmarks" and also to my desire to have a shop to set up in as it's such a pain to set up and take down all the time.
 Considering my total lack of conviction for measuring anything or even reading directions through more than once, I'd say this little bow pillow turned out pretty good.
I look forward to making more in not nursery colors and instead in that shabby chic sort of style.
I finally got my decal in the mail. Again with the not measuring anything I am sure it is kind of crooked but that is how I roll. I hate this quality in myself but apparently I hate even more to try and change it. Reading directions and measuring stuff just wastes time. Time I could be spending creating...unfortunately the time I spend fixing things that I've screwed up or being mad at the way things don't turn out as I've envisioned is also a "waste of time".
Really need to start using my real camera and not my iphone! Way better pictures to showcase my genius decorating skillz!

My sweet mouse at the Farmers Market this morning. She had a blast! Ran around talking to people and puppies and eating cupcakes and drinking iced tea...this was at the Hydro tent where they were raising awareness about saving energy. Or at least I assume that is what they were trying to do. Elliott just took the free stuff and colored away ignoring the hydro girls all together.
I found these sweet booties at a little old ladies booth. Ray thinks that they are as ugly as sin. I think that sin most assuredly is uglier. But anyway, I imaging them over some little tights with a blue or yellow shirt or sweater to bring it all together. What does he know anyway? Emmi will be so cute that she could make anything look good!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Playing in Emmi's Room.

 Here is Emmi. She is getting big. Approximately 4 lbs 5 oz according to the ultrasound I had on Wednesday.
I am feeling pretty ready for her to come out and meet the family face to face.
My pelvis and knee have never been more painful. Alas, since we are only planning on having 2, I will try to enjoy this incubating time.

P.S. this is 34 wks and 2 dys
I really need to dig out my camera and stop using my phone to take photos. In real life this looks so great. The picture with the iphone did nothing to capture the reality.
These adorable birds were hand painted my Emmi's Great Aunty Liana. I love them. The colors pop so perfectly on these walls.
 I purchased these at Urban Barn in Kelowna for $25.99 and was later informed by my friend Nat that Walmart has the exact same ones for $14.99. Grrr... I hate to miss a deal.
Walmart is on the other side of town though to me so I just don't really think about going there ever.
I am however very happy with how they look.
 Perfect snow white bedding. I love this look. I can't wait for the decal that I am still impatiently waiting for. Come on USPS!
 I made these curtains from a snow white blackout panel. Aside from the wrinkles I love how it turned out. Especially since I followed no pattern and literally made up each step as I went...now to get the other panel to patch.
 I pinned it while it was hanging to get an idea of what I wanted it to look like.
I really like the satin ribbon and what it adds to the room. Satin seems so classy. I got to figure out how to get rid of the wrinkles. Iron is too hot for this polyester fabric.

Here is Elliott as sweet and wonderful as always.

This afternoon she was a bit off because she must be getting new teeth. I say this because there has to be a reason for her moodiness as she is rarely moody.
My delightful little daughter.

Can't wait to have 2!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paper Pompoms and Flower Balls!

Waiting for packages in the mail is sooooo painful and exciting!!!
I'm waiting for fun art for my girls' rooms and it can't come fast enough!!!
A trip to the Hart dollar store proved satisfying. I was looking for a simple yet charming idea for a mobile like decoration for my baby to look at while laying in her bed.
Pinterest never disappoints when it come to ideas and DIYs. Here is the step by step on how to make the paper pompoms. Very inexpensive yet adorable!

I also found the floral balls at Homesense in Kelowna and although I was in love with them, they were way way way to expensive! Even for my compulsive shopping habits.
 I was a bit nervous that they were going to look crappy but overall, I think they turned out pretty cute!

I believe I could've made them even cheaper than I did had I looked around for a good deal on flowers, however this large belly and small toddler make such things unappealing.
I am quite pleased with the outcome. I believe my sweet baby girl will really enjoy looking up at the colors hanging above her bed. Took some fiddling around to get them properly spaced and hung, but worth it...even the backache from the up and down of the ladder!
All Miss E needs is a bucket of water and some rocks and her life is grand!!!
This little lady just loves being outside and is very independent. She plays hard and it is very entertaining to watch her mind work!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Getting my sewing on! Getting my upcycling on!

Projects projects projects...nest nest nest...
I purchased this little wooden cradle off another mom on a FB selling sight. It was $5 and is solid wood. Actually it's not even that small. I think it may have been used for a real baby. But when I saw it I thought how nice it would be for Elliott to have a baby and bed to tuck in her baby when I tuck in my new baby.
After a gentle sand, a coat of primer, 2 coats of paint, and 3 coats of seal the cradle was ready for bedding. I had originally bought 5 different patterns in reds and greys to make some throw pillows for Elliott's bed. I may still do that however dolly bedding was in order. I think I whipped this up in about 45 minutes.
I snuck it into her room while she was sleeping so that she would be surprised in the morning...
Yes. She loves it!
I had wanted to change the nursery for the new baby. Ray was opposed until after my garage sale where I made a pile of cash to finance the project. My wonderful mother in law purchased this new new to me rocker. I wanted more white in the nursery. I am currently waiting on a faux leather ottoman to go with, it's on order at the Brick.
So I got all industrious and took apart the old hideous smelly seat cushions and used them as  pattern to create these new cushions. Fabric courtesy of momzie as well.
The finished project.

You can't really tell from this photo, but the fabric matches the new paint color perfectly.
Here is my wee mouse. She has been delightful as usual and very easy to mother. Sleeps long stretches so mama can relax and play and also follows me about as I do my house wifely duties. I love her with all my heart. I am so excited to bring home Miss Emmi Grace to meet her big sister. I'm hoping they will be the best of friends!

I'm off to work on curtains now :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Readying my girls rooms

I am having such a wonderful time with the girls rooms. Notice I can say "Girls" :) Soooo fun!
So here is a sneak peek of the nursery color. It's called Fledgeling. I love the way it makes the dark furniture POP! I can't to get my chair and curtains and decoration and  Decal up and all sorted out. All the clothes are clean and sorted into drawers by size and the classy plain white bedding is on it's way in the mail! I just need to finish the sewing and refinishing the footstool and then I can post the finished product.

I just couldn't resist giving you a sneak peak of the fabric I'm using to cover the chair cushions and footstool. You can't tell from this photo but there is the same color in this design that is on the walls. A very small peek that really doesn't do it justice so I'm really not giving anything away!

I would love to post the finished product of Elliott's room however I am waiting on 2 pieces of art and one piece of trim to be painted and put up. On the list for this week so hopefully next post with show my girls new big girl room...
that she loves however apparently prefers to sleep on the floor...
Somewhat under the bed???

She is my delight :)
To think that in 8 weeks give or take one or two I will have two delightful girls to love. This life is so rich.
In the mean time, I've got plenty of fun projects to keep me going and make the time go by much faster.
Photos to come...