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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sorta finished project

Miss E always "used" to throw her food all over the floor at every single meal. We tried every form of discipline we knew of and fought with her and took her food away and threatened and NOTHING worked. She would continue to throw her food on the floor even with tears rolling down her cheeks.
After a whole lot of tears and prayers on my part too, I decided to try putting her up at the table with a non slip place mat(I think Carmen mentioned this to me).
Lo and behold it worked! I think it must be because she feels like a big girl and usually we are eating with her. She is still very messy but messy is not what drives me crazy. She rarely throws her food on the floor now and we eat as a family much more often.
My living room is now one of my favorite rooms in the house. The color is so bright and cheery and it looks so big and clean...usually.
This isn't the greatest photo of the window seat but I am not going to complain about the sun getting in the way of my photo. I love the way the panels look and how they frame the window and make it look like the focal point that it is meant to be.
I still haven't decided how I want this shelf to look, but right now I am just enjoying how tidy it is. I am loving my new wall sconces as well!
The Owl Grey color really makes my blue couch stand out and the throw cushions that Aunty Elaine made are gorgeous and fluffy.
Overall I am very happy with the way it has turned out. Still need to put up some pictures but I'm in now rush. It just looks so nice like this.
This is not the most flattering photo of my hair however, who cares! It's all about the 16 week baby belly. I am a bit further along now, just slow to post.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have many projects on the go right now. I've got most of what I need for Elliott's big girl room and will be starting on it this evening.
Ray will be dry walling the crawlspace/new playroom tomorrow night with Jarvis' help. After that I'll be painting it up and looking for smokin good deals on second hand toys to fill it with. Think big ride on toys, dress up clothes, chalkboard, art station and library corner.
I am very excited about this project.
I am also looking for the perfect color for my guest bathroom/laundry room. I believe a laundry room should be a place that you want to go. A place that is full of calm and beauty. When I find that color, the reno will begin.
After that on the list is new wall paper on one of the walls in my spa to make it the most wonderful girly place to hang out!
And if there is time after all that, I might just do a little updating to the nursery. New baby, new nursery updates.
Currently, I am working on the upstairs living room with the help of Aunty Elaine.

Here is my living room the first year we moved in. We renovated this house from top to bottom. I like the color but I never loved it. I like what I did, but I never was completely satisfies with it. And of course, my tastes always change.
When I was younger my mother let us paint our rooms what seemed like every few years. She also enjoys the change a nice paint color can bring. My mom still paints her house every 3-5 years.
So I credit her with my desire for color and change. And also the courage to try new things.
Aunty Elaine is helping with my living room project. Like I said, I've liked what we did, but I was never in love with it.
This color however, I am in love with. It is called Grey Owl and it totally makes my blue couch look the beautiful blue that it is as well as my dark furniture really "pop".
Ever since we moved in I have been at a total loss as to what to do with the huge bay window in this living room. Aunty Elaine had some wonderful ideas! I am currently waiting for a window seat as well as four different patterns of coordinating throw pillows.
Ray is going to put some decorative trim up tomorrow...and then Aunty Elaine and I will hang two panels on either side of the window.
Pictures to follow...(I am so excited!!!)

I've been keeping an eye out for any new decor I can add or ideas for refurbishing old decor I have on hand. Some more projects to come...
These little bowls I got at Winners 4 for $9.99. They are the perfect yellow and grey to match...
...the main fabric for the throw pillows. This is the swatch that we pulled the color theme out of. I carry it around in my purse when I go shopping.
These little bird bookends were a total impulse buy(as are the majority of my purchases) they were just too cute to leave at the store. I have a lot of black and brown in my home so I can use them anywhere! There names are Myrtle and Lurch.
My sweet girl plays so well by herself. I can usually putter around doing my thing for at least 1/2 hour at a time. It's nice to be able to finish what I start or at least come to a middle point to stop at. She is delightful! She also loves to play with me too so I spend lots of time throughout the day on the floor exploring new toys and games with her.
This picture may seem random. I stumbled upon it while looking for "before" photos of my living room. I decided this "butt" picture can be my motivational photo after this baby comes. Actually it's my motivation now to not give into my cravings :) Those are my awesome Buffalo jeans. My favorite pair ever and a pair I can only wear when I am at my best. The last 2 years have not been my "best" in the butt area :P
Random I know, but I do what I can to deal with reality of gaining weight and being happy about it. Pregnancy is so weird!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My life now

Every time I set out to blog about something riveting and creative...
all I can think about is my wonderful child.
Whereas I do something note worthy once a month on average, Elliott does something amazing and noteworthy every day...at least, in my opinion!
These are her size 5 mary janes. She is getting so big and has got to be my favorite hobby....dressing her up that is.
She has started watching a bit of Baby Einstein which is nice because mama has another baby on the way and may need a toddler that will sit down and watch an hour or so of tv a day. No, I do not feel bad about this in the least.
She has papa wrapped around her finger and likes to watch tv this way.
...but this way will do if he is not here.
Her big girl car seat. Believe it of not, at 17 months she still fits just fine in her little one, however it is the season to change. Plus she can see better from this height.
And as always, she is un phased by this change like she is un phased by not having her pacifier during the day anymore, and like she has been un phased by any major change in her little life! Such an adaptive baby, I have lucked out!
She is also a climber and a source of never ending entertainment for mama :)