Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My life now

Every time I set out to blog about something riveting and creative...
all I can think about is my wonderful child.
Whereas I do something note worthy once a month on average, Elliott does something amazing and noteworthy every day...at least, in my opinion!
These are her size 5 mary janes. She is getting so big and has got to be my favorite hobby....dressing her up that is.
She has started watching a bit of Baby Einstein which is nice because mama has another baby on the way and may need a toddler that will sit down and watch an hour or so of tv a day. No, I do not feel bad about this in the least.
She has papa wrapped around her finger and likes to watch tv this way.
...but this way will do if he is not here.
Her big girl car seat. Believe it of not, at 17 months she still fits just fine in her little one, however it is the season to change. Plus she can see better from this height.
And as always, she is un phased by this change like she is un phased by not having her pacifier during the day anymore, and like she has been un phased by any major change in her little life! Such an adaptive baby, I have lucked out!
She is also a climber and a source of never ending entertainment for mama :)


  1. Since when did Elliot get so big??? Miss you guys like crazy. :)

  2. That is such a cute little outfit! Oh man, she's just so pretty. And I hear ya on the never ending source of entertainment. I love this age!