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Sunday, November 24, 2013

O Kiss Kiss tree, O kiss kiss treeeeeee...

I love these people!

The Christmas season is upon us. I love this time of year.
This evening we had Papa Mac and Gramma Awlis over to decorate the tree, play games and eat ourselves sick!
Elliott had a BLAST!
...and that was my goal :)
We tried

...and again we tried

Found this adorable game at Winners and though it would be perfect for the little ones this Christmas. Turns out it's good for the adults too :)
Gramma brought over treats for the girls. Besides copious amounts of unneeded sugar, she brought them a Christmas ornament. She has done this each year for Elliott and now for Emmi too. I love that they can have these special treats to take with them when, Heaven forbid, they marry and move out of mamas house :(

I am pretty disappointed with the camera on my Galaxy. I miss my Iphone camera. This one doesn't take good pictures whereas I got some amazing "framers" from my Iphone.

Here's 3 generations. I love my mama and I am so glad that my girls get her for a gramma. She is such a fun young gramma.

Papamac and his grandbabies

They also get this fun young Grandpa who is totally content with being bossed around by two tiny girls under 3 feet tall.

sweet moments to cherish

This years ornament from Gramma Awlis

Elliott loved decorating the tree. She sings "o kiss kiss tree, o kiss kiss tree" over and over again. Then she gets so excited that she has to either kiss the tree or an ornament or me. Or she'll say " I havto give you a hug mommy" because it's just so wonderful she can't contain herself!

My favorite thing about Christmas is all the time spent with family and friends. There is something so special about it. So much excitement in the air. So much love and kindness.

I have such wonderful memories of Christmas. I remember decorating the tree with my sister, cousin and mom. I remember the excitement with every decoration we unwrapped. I remember the nativity set that my great grandmother painted for my mom. Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus. I remember the colorful lightup ceramic snowy house that sat on top of the tv glowing beautifully in the dark evenings. I remember the excitement on Christmas eve, us girls barely being able to fall asleep. We would lay on the floor and try to see or hear anything we possibly could by the inch opening under the door.
I remember Christmas morning treasure hunts to find our stockings. Mom planned these hunts so that her and dad could get an extra half hour of sleep I'm sure.
The rest of the day was spent enjoying gifts and great food and wonderful family. What a wonderful time of year to celebrate together.
Thank you Lord for making it all possible :)

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  1. Kiss Kiss time will be so much fun with those demanding little girls.