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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Day of Rest

Today is a beautiful beautiful day of rest from my workout schedule. I am proud to say that my body needs it. I am sore. Sore sore sore. It's fabulous! To be sore from strength training is such a wonderful change from feeling sore from accident. It is sweet motivation to not give up.
You know what else is sweet motivation?
Having the very first person genuinely notice that you are shaping up.
My gramma told me today that I must be getting skinny because when she hugs me she can feel the difference. Picture the huge satisfied smile on my face and feeling of satisfaction in my heart! Especially knowing that I have worked HARD for that compliment. I am going to relish it.

I haven't weighed in yet as I promised myself I would avoid the scale until the first. I don't want to be a slave to the number. I want the feeling of strength.
 I am free.
I really like the changes that I am feeling and seeing when I look in the mirror anyway. Scale be dammed! I don't want to live a slave anymore!

 A few motivational quotes to leave you with...

A year from now you will wish you had started today.
(or month or week or whatever...how many months have gone by that I've said that to myself!)

I NEVER regret it when I DO, but I ALWAYS regret it when I don't.(the truth of this is painful)

30% training 70% diet +  Eating clean and training mean.(so much more attainable when you look at it this way) (Biggest changes I've made to my diet are avoiding eating after dinner and cutting down on{not cutting out} carbs. I also have one wicked cheat day a week that I can take whenever I want in order to schedule it around parties or dates.)

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