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Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 16 update

I found this little tidbit on Pinterest.
Although Pinterest is begining to make me feel like I don't have a individuality bone in my body I do truly have a love affair with that website. Truly I do.
I like this saying. It's a really great reminder for me on this journey to health and wellness.
I like that is starts with me.
I'm the one who I am doing this for. I am the one who is feeling better about myself. I'm the one with more energy. I'm the one feeling physically and mentally stronger. It's my broken bones tissues and muscles that are mending. I'm the one who benefits from all my hard work.
Next is my family and friends. Really we could stop right there. I mean, they are everything to me. OF COURSE their opinions are valuable to me. And so OF COURSE their recognition for my hard work will be very uplifting. In fact, they give me wings!
And 3rd...
Well, I like to think that I've grown up and away a little from the 3rd.
Although if I am healthier and have more energy to give and make a difference in my world then I suppose this journey of mine really will matter for them too.

After just 16 days tho, I already am noticing some differences.
I definitely have more energy. I notice this big time. My house is cleaner, my kids are happier because mama has energy to play, the laundry gets washed AND put away even! Dinner is being cooked more often. I've even been dabbling again in some hobbies.
My jeans absolutely fit better. The muffin is shrinking and I can tell by the fit of my jeans.
When I walk up the stairs, there is a spring in my step. I feel like my legs are lifting me and I'm not just dragging myself up. This is a big one.
I am making conscience decisions about what I eat and drink instead of just binging.

 In the gym downstairs there is an unfortunate or perhaps fortunate placement of one of our big mirrors. It is placed directly beside the stationary bike. So when I ride, I see my gut and my cankles and my double chin. These are what I notice. Harsh I know, but true.
So this morning I glance at myself and do you know what I notice?
I noticed that my double chin is not so double. It's down to a quarter I'm sure of it! My gut is smaller and my cankles don't look so swollen.
I am so pleased.
I'm pretty excited to see what the end of 28 days looks like. And pretty motivated to start another 28.

I found this website. (You will never guess where.)
Since I mentioned in my last post how preparation really is key for me, I thought it was a good one to bookmark and remember. Enjoy!

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  1. Yes you are more energetic, I certainly notice