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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Amazing the things one can get done...

What a day.
I got lots done, enjoyed my family, made dinner, had a bath and worked on a project instead of watching tv and eating junk food.
Even my sweet girl enjoyed the yummy dish I made. Chicken, asparagus and Cauliflower Cakes.
My husband actually said the words,"the cauliflower is good".
I'm pleased.
I like it a little crispy. I am happy that I did not give up even when I had to throw the first batch away. We have pans that I don't understand(I say that instead of calling them stupid piece of a$$ pans). After I started using the cast iron instead, things went much more smoothly.

You know one of those days where everything goes right and even though nothing great happened, it was still satisfying? That is the kind of day today turned out to be.
9 garments.
Count them, 9!!!
That is what I can accomplish in the 45 minutes I put to good use. Better use that is than watching brainless tv episodes and filling my body with garbage that it does not process well.
To think that all 9 of these garments were just sitting there collecting dust for months and months when I could've saved myself so much angst by just putting down the chocolate and stepping away from the remote.
I hope this marks a turning point in my nightly rituals, especially now that the winter is fast approaching.


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