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Saturday, April 14, 2012

20 weeks down, 20 or so weeks to go!

Here is my 20 week baby belly. I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks the last few weeks. A phenomena I never experienced with Elliott, or at least not that I noticed. They are definitely noticeable this time though and rather uncomfortable as well! This little one is very active right after supper and then off and on until I lay down to go to bed at night. I may have a little night owl on my hands.
Unlike miss Elliott who has always loved to go to bed early and get up early. She takes after her mama.

I bought her some new books to start the new chapter of her life. Wish me luck...
Ray and Elliott just left together to go to Save On to pick up steak for dinner. I feel like BBQ tonight. I love spring and it makes me want to eat BBQ.
At Home Depot today.
They are best buddies and I love that. Ray takes Elliott everywhere with him on his days off. It warms my heart to see how much they love to be together.
Our sweet family.
It's going to be so life changing to add a fourth. But if it's anything as wonderful as adding Elliott than bring it on!
Spring not only brings BBQ to mind but also happy spring/summer toes for mama and baby. I love that I got my girl. She is so precious to me. So much fun to be with, love on and be a mother to.
There was no way to get those toes to stop wiggling long enough to get a daisy painted on though...
Have I mentioned how much I love my new window seat set up?
Elliott spends a lot of time playing up there. So worth the money and effort just for her :)
Value Village rarely lets me down. $5 dollar adorable spring dress. My baby girl looks perfect in peach!
Life is great and we are having lots of fun.
Ray is still working on the crawlspace playroom project and I have been busy buying second hand toys to fill it up. I hope our kids and their buds will have a lot of future fun playing down there...and also that mama and daddy will spend some more time in the gym while the kids are occupied in the playroom!

I'm ramping up to get started on Elliotts big girl room although it is very easy to find a reason not to do anything. I've been sleepier than usual. Raising a toddler and incubating is a bit more work than incubating with no toddler.

Pictures will come when we I get it together :)


  1. What a nice life you're having :) We just bought the Potty book for Boys! I love it.

  2. your belly is barely even there

  3. 3 day potty training guide. http://www.3daypottytraining.com/
    worked for a few kids I know so far.