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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hoarder? I think not.

All of these things are of use to me. I am not hoarding them. I am simply storing them until they become necessary to my day. Plus, look how organized this crawlspace is. By the end of this week, it will be an organized haven full of treasures.
Here is the progress on the playroom. Ray has a few more days of mudding and then our buddy is going to paint it for us. A whole pile of stuff from the crawlspace will then find it's home in here for our little children to play with :) I will post more pictures as we go.
Miss Mouse ate a very good breakfast and lunch yesterday but totally shunned dinner. Weirdo.
I've been making a conscious effort to sit her down for proper meals and avoid random snacking throughout the day. It's easy to get lazy and just let her graze all day, but I realize that is not teaching her proper eating habits nor is it helping pregnant mama to practice proper eating habits. Everything I do and every way in which  conduct myself now has new meaning with Elliott. I want her to get the very best of me.
...she gets this from her dad though...
So in an attempt to stop "hoarding" as Ray put it, I have made a deal with myself to not shop until all my projects are done. So here is where I've started. Ugly frame from VV boutque..
Primer and white spray paint...
Ran out of time so you have to wait for the next post to see the finished product...
Why do we buy them toys. She had more fun with this planter and her $3 dollar ball then with anything else in the house that we've bought her. But I always forget this when I am in a store and see the cute items that would bring a temporary smile to my mouses face.  I see where my changes need to be made. Now I just need the grace to carry them out!!!

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  1. Now get downstairs and finishing mudding that crawlspace.