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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A finished project

 This is one of my many second hand purchases for the playroom. I payed $10 for this art easel that has chalk on one side and a place to clip paper on the other side. It fits perfectly in the 4 foot high space.
 I got the little kitchen for free from Amanda Rayner.  I believe it used to be the twin Goulds. It even came with a mighty pile of kitchen accessories.
The lady bug was a $10 unopened second hand purchase while the balls( that's only half of them) where $20 second hand.
 $15 for the 2nd hand desk that opens to store crafting supplies and $5 for the beauty salon you see in the back corner.
 The painting was done by our friend Jeremy as a trade for our old projector. The flooring we got on sale at Canadian Tire which was a bonus as we were not expecting to get it on a deal.
Ray and Jarvis put up drywall and Ray and my mom and Jeremy mudded and sanded to make it pretty.

She loves it. Although she is too sick to enjoy it right now and all she wants to do is snoogle all day long.
But it will be excellent for Ray and I to be able to use our gym which is immaculately clean and de-cluttered now, while our little ones enjoy their playroom.

I love that the ideas that I envisioned for my house when we moved in 4 and 1/2 years ago are slowly but surely coming to reality.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who appears to like making my dreams become reality.
I can't find my before picture of this project but I can describe it to you as a huge messy nasty dusty disorganized disaster. Now there are to beautiful clean and tidy sides to my crawl space. My side is organized with shelves and clarity while the babies side is clean and orderly...for now. I'll settle for clean floors and walls and learn to deal with the beautiful mess of their imaginative minds at play.

I am presently in my last week of my second trimester. Next week begins the last leg of the journey. I am excited. But for now, more projects to keep me busy while I incubate!


  1. I do like making your dreams reality but I wish they were less work.

  2. You are a sillywillylillybilly

  3. That turned out so well! Have fun using it :)

  4. And Linden LOVES it too!! :)