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Thursday, May 10, 2012

blah blah blah

I believe in my last post I mentioned some blah blah blah about not spending money and instead playing with the projects I have....
Alas, I cannot.
I just so enjoy playing with "new" things and old things and all things.
I heard a saying recently that a house is just a place to store your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.
Ya. This is true
New summer colors. I have now purchased 6 new summer colors. I am loving them. But each time I try one out, I just start drooling over the many many many more color possibilities. And considering my home spa or any esthetic work is on hold for the most part until at least a year away, I really shouldn't be spending into this...and yet, I dream of things to change in my spa and colors and techniques...
My baby belly is getting quite large.

I am presently participating in a 12 week Body wise challenge. Of course I am not doing the hardcore phase one as it wouldn't be good for my baby. Instead I am focusing on healthy recipes and lifestyle in order to prepare my body to recover...or keep recovering as it were. I am presently not allowed to do any exercise so the diet portion of my life needs more attention. Tonight we are having basmati rice, chickpea salad and tandori chicken thighs on the bbq. I am feeling the health!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll check out aqua fit for old people and hope my surgeon would approve.
I love clothes. I love them so much. If collecting clothes and shoes and makeup and hair accessories could be considered a hobby, then I am hooked!
I ordered some items from Bootleggers online sale section. It arrived in the mail yesterday. I LOVE getting clothes in the mail!!!!


this kid.


  1. i love her too, but I don't always lover your money spending ways