Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunny day

I find this a hilarious instruction when you see the size of this thing...
no kidding DO NOT strike ball with your head!!!
I never thought it would be possible to love two people the way I love these two. And yet with the baby growing in my belly I feel my heart growing right along with it full of love for this new person I don't even know yet.
I wonder if the water birth is responsible for her love of all things wet. I filled this tub up for her to play in, turned my back for a second and in she went. My girl always makes me smile.
Gumboots went for a swim too :)
First quad ride with daddy out at Jarvis and Kristin's place this weekend. She had a blast. Played herself right out and then had a sleep over with gramma and grampazie so mama and daddy could stay out late. I made it until 11:00 and I was done! So nice to sleep in on mother's day though.
And then leisurely made my way down to the Bay to purchase some jewelry and baby clothes for my present.
Ray said I could since he went golfing.
I am pretty sure this little one gained a pound this week. My belly looks and feel heavier.
When I went to the Bay this morning it was 11:30 so I wasn't sure if it would be open since it's Sunday. But as I was walking towards the doors I saw a middle aged heavier lady walking towards the doors on the other side towards the parking lot.
I almost passed out when I realized it was my reflection!!!!!

I'm not kidding.


  1. looks like she already has a swimming poo!

  2. she is so entertaining. we had a fun sleepover:)

  3. She is just the cutest thing, we had a great time with you guys. Somehow, we need to see each other more! xoxo