Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random sewing projects

I want to be more computer savvy without putting in the effort so that I could magically know how to turn photos and gather them effectively from my iphone in less than one hour. Alas, I am not and therefore can not.
 I made this pillow from the directions described here. I have been finding all sorts of fun projects to do. This is only adding to my list of "bookmarks" and also to my desire to have a shop to set up in as it's such a pain to set up and take down all the time.
 Considering my total lack of conviction for measuring anything or even reading directions through more than once, I'd say this little bow pillow turned out pretty good.
I look forward to making more in not nursery colors and instead in that shabby chic sort of style.
I finally got my decal in the mail. Again with the not measuring anything I am sure it is kind of crooked but that is how I roll. I hate this quality in myself but apparently I hate even more to try and change it. Reading directions and measuring stuff just wastes time. Time I could be spending creating...unfortunately the time I spend fixing things that I've screwed up or being mad at the way things don't turn out as I've envisioned is also a "waste of time".
Really need to start using my real camera and not my iphone! Way better pictures to showcase my genius decorating skillz!

My sweet mouse at the Farmers Market this morning. She had a blast! Ran around talking to people and puppies and eating cupcakes and drinking iced tea...this was at the Hydro tent where they were raising awareness about saving energy. Or at least I assume that is what they were trying to do. Elliott just took the free stuff and colored away ignoring the hydro girls all together.
I found these sweet booties at a little old ladies booth. Ray thinks that they are as ugly as sin. I think that sin most assuredly is uglier. But anyway, I imaging them over some little tights with a blue or yellow shirt or sweater to bring it all together. What does he know anyway? Emmi will be so cute that she could make anything look good!!

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  1. Well I guess you will have to do something to even out the childs beauty - with such ugly boots she will just look sort of average.