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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Getting my sewing on! Getting my upcycling on!

Projects projects projects...nest nest nest...
I purchased this little wooden cradle off another mom on a FB selling sight. It was $5 and is solid wood. Actually it's not even that small. I think it may have been used for a real baby. But when I saw it I thought how nice it would be for Elliott to have a baby and bed to tuck in her baby when I tuck in my new baby.
After a gentle sand, a coat of primer, 2 coats of paint, and 3 coats of seal the cradle was ready for bedding. I had originally bought 5 different patterns in reds and greys to make some throw pillows for Elliott's bed. I may still do that however dolly bedding was in order. I think I whipped this up in about 45 minutes.
I snuck it into her room while she was sleeping so that she would be surprised in the morning...
Yes. She loves it!
I had wanted to change the nursery for the new baby. Ray was opposed until after my garage sale where I made a pile of cash to finance the project. My wonderful mother in law purchased this new new to me rocker. I wanted more white in the nursery. I am currently waiting on a faux leather ottoman to go with, it's on order at the Brick.
So I got all industrious and took apart the old hideous smelly seat cushions and used them as  pattern to create these new cushions. Fabric courtesy of momzie as well.
The finished project.

You can't really tell from this photo, but the fabric matches the new paint color perfectly.
Here is my wee mouse. She has been delightful as usual and very easy to mother. Sleeps long stretches so mama can relax and play and also follows me about as I do my house wifely duties. I love her with all my heart. I am so excited to bring home Miss Emmi Grace to meet her big sister. I'm hoping they will be the best of friends!

I'm off to work on curtains now :)


  1. No longer opposed? Ahem, you were supposed to spend that money on my own desires!!

  2. Girls! When you first texted I thought oh cool another girl! Then a couple days later I realized you weren't planning on finding out the baby's sex! What happened there??!

  3. oh I love how the chair turned out! It looks perfect in the room too. You are so smart:)