Sunday, August 5, 2012

I am in love with my sewing machine!

Here is my second attempt at the Bow Pillow. I like this one better than the one that I did for Emmi's room mostly because I like the simplicity of this fabric better. This wonderful fabric that I purchased for $4.50 for 4.5 yards at St. Vincents :)

I may have just rekindled my love for small out of the way thrift stores.
I found a boat load of stuff to refurbish and up-cyle. I'm so excited for my next project!
I got the idea for this pillow from this blog. And although I didn't even read her instructions, I still must give credit where credit is due. Really I just saw her photo and made it up as I went.

I ran a line down the ribbon with my sewing machine and then scrunched it down. Super easy. I will most definitely be making more of this one in the near future.
I purchased this chair from a FB seller for $50. I recycled some black curtains and an old chair cushion that I had sitting in the crawl space to make the seat for it.
I am very happy with how this project turned out. It is in Elliott's room for when her daddy cuddles her at night. She wakes up maybe once a month in the middle of the night for daddy snuggles...our sweet sleeper.
I finally found a lamp shade that would do for the lamp I recently posted about. I am happy with how this turned out too although I must say, finding a reasonably priced nice lamp shade in this town is difficult!
I settled for this plain white one from Walmart for $14.99 and then just bought two rolls of ribbon to embellish it my own self.

I will post another photo when it's all tied together in Emmi's room. Which I really better get on since I need to do some final touches to both my girls rooms before the monopolize all my time when they are both on the outside instead of just one!
Nesting is fun!

Ray pulled out all the baby paraphernalia for me to wash and disinfect. I'm starting to really feel like this baby is actually going to come out soon!
My very cool niecey poo, Miss Kaelen Olivia, knit this sweet little hat for Emmi. I can't wait to put it on her little head!
I woke up yesterday morning to a lovely surprise. My beautiful friend Lonnie, who is also super talented and creative, made me this sweet wreath for no reason. I love how it pops on our brown door!

I love pretty things. They make me smile :)
Miss Elliott makes me smile every day. She is so pretty een covered in dirt and grime. I just adore her and her baby sister!!!


  1. You are super crazy talented lady! LOVE the ruffle cushion! Love your lil family too, can't wait to have mine one day! <3 :)