Monday, August 13, 2012


I just had a very tiring one sided conversation with the little boys who live across the fence in the backyard...actually he's still talking but now I'm just saying "oh ya" at random and that seems to be pacifying him. Apparently they are both 6 and they go to Hart Highlands Elementary and they both have sister, and they blah blah blah...oh dear Lord!!!!! How exciting when Elliott starts talking!!! Or how about when Elliott AND Emmi start talking non the SAME time???

Oh the fun.

 Here is Emmi in my belly at 37 weeks. The bigger I get the more motivated to dress up with hair and makeup so as to feel pretty despite being ginormous.
 Next summer I will so be fixing this tan. My belly is about 100 shades lighter than my arms and legs. My thighs too actually. They haven't seen much of the sun this summer. It's been so beautiful out, but unfortunately I am too uncomfortable and hot to enjoy these sunny days anymore. Well, I enjoy them from the comfort of my AC'd bedroom. Thank you awesome husband.
Only 2-5 weeks left to go...I'm trying to be realistic and not get my hopes up about going early. Although I see the midwife tomorrow so maybe she will tell me stuff is happening where it should be? I'll keep you posted, whomever you are...
 My wonderful friend had her birthday celebration at my house this past Saturday. I didn't have to do anything! She hosted the whole shin dig and still bought me flowers? Nice gal, eh? I just love daisies of every kind and color. We had a blast and it was great to be distracted for an evening from my burgeoning belly.

 In other news...drab and boring news to many but not to me, I am growing off my nail enhancements with the intention to go a more natural route. hah!!! Just kidding! I am so going to purchase something like the CND Shellac gel nail system for my own personal use and then later on for clients when Emmi is a bit older and my leg is better. So I won't be doing extensions, however I will be able to offer my clients nails that last up to 3 weeks instead of a 5 day manicure. I am very excited about this...for my spa but also for my own girly pleasure.

But baby in the meantime...
Good ol fashion paint will have to do. Notice the blingy ring Ray let me buy so that people would know I'm married(my wedding set quit fitting about 2 months ago...dang you swollen fingers!). It shines brighter still with the sparkly polish. I am such a girl.

I've been blogging mostly of fun projects and DIY crafts and the like as of late. And I was working on a gorgeous antique dresser to redo my spare room when Danielle moves back to Vancouver. Alas, my projects have come to a bit of a standstill. Very disappointing. But it's not to say that they won't be picked up again as soon as physically possible. I am just plain tired and very pregnant at this point. My energy goes towards Elliott and Emmi and just making it thru the day with some semblance of order at this point.

Life goes on :)


  1. Thanks for getting rid of your disgusting gross nails.

  2. I love the first photo of you, beautiful! I was just grateful that I could have my party there, you're so awesome, and I cannot wait to meet Miss Emmi! :)

  3. life does go on. And soon.. a new life in your arms!