Friday, August 3, 2012

Mamas' day out

Since SPD is causing me much discomfort in these late days of my pregnancy, my darling husband said to go ahead and get some more help. So Wednesdays off from now to the end seems like a great idea! My first one was this past hump day The whole day all to myself from 9 to 5. And even after 5 Ray still did all the work so it was more like a full day off mommy duties.

At first on dropping my sweet girl off at Aunty Rebekahs' house I was feeling a bit guilty. My need for rest is no reflection on my girls behavior. She is and always has been a delightful child with very few bad days. My need for rest comes from the pain in my body and the tiredness that comes with being in the last stage of a pregnancy. The guilt I think comes from believing that since I am the mom that I should be with her all the time whenever possible and that I am the best thing for her all the time. Pride maybe?
I realize this is simply not true and that other people in Elliott's life are detrimental to her turning into a well rounded little human. Anyhow... the guilt did eventually subside and I started my mamas day out with this view...
I went for a Pedicure at Core. It was luxurious and exactly what this tired Esthetician mama needed.
I am forever doing my own spa services well, because I can so why pay money. And although it was expensive, I am so glad I treated myself.
I had a lovely lunch date at Books n Co with the lovely Danielle followed by shopping in solitude for the rest of the afternoon. Shopping for all my fun projects that I have on the go.
So many ideas and so little energy!!!!

I love spray paint!
I love how spray paint can take a hideous lamp like this....
...and turn it into something magnificent and beautiful like this!

I on the lookout for the perfect shade to compliment this lovely new lamp. She will go in Emmi's room for now and then eventually maker her way down to my spare room I think. I am presently fantasizing about turning my spare room into a Shabby Chic getaway.
Alas, I may need to wait as these things take time, energy and cash...all of which I'm a little low on at the moment. But a girl can dream and plan and obsess right?

Here is to many more mamas' days out!

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