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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nothing to blog about

...I say that, but really it's not true.
There are a ton of things that I could blog about. Two short people in my house make for some interesting stories.
Putting in a drive way on 50 acres of land with the intent to build a house next June for our little family would make for an interesting blog post I think.
Making a fall wreath or priming an antique dresser in preparation to redecorate our spare room might be of some interest warranting a post.
How about a recap of my favorite birthdays past leading up to this coming Tuesdays birthday?
I could blog about getting a trainer in order to bring my left butt cheek up to match my right.
What about the freaking amazing strawberry lemon cupcakes that I made for Elliott's 2nd birthday?
Or even Elliott's party photos?


I just don't have the motivation or energy right now.
Enjoy some random photos of my 2 favorite short people.

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