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Friday, October 26, 2012

Peace and quiet

OH how I love my toddler and my baby...but oh how sweet it is in my house at nap time!
A time of day when a mama can recharge, tidy up, get showered and dressed, zone out and stair at the wall, or...make cupcakes!!!!
Todays quiet time which involved feeding/rocking/patting/swinging Miss Emmi Grace to sleep several time, also consisted of baking these delicious Perfectly Chocolate cupcakes.
She slept perfectly well at the same time as Elliott all week so I can't very well complain about today can I?
No. I will not.
Instead of making chocolate icing for these bad boys, I made Vanilla Cream Cheese Raspberry icing. Oh. My. Lord. is it heavenly. It's a wonderful thing.
I will be taking a quick trip to Costco tomorrow in order to pick up some fresh raspberries to top them off :) Will post a pick when they are put together.
Although I do really enjoy quiet time, I am trying to stop and enjoy the moments of toddlerhood and baby hood that I am so going to miss when my babies start kindergarten or worse yet, stop wanting to hold my hand in public...or at all :(
Anywho... Today I noticed Elliott playing with her old floor gym that I brought out for Emmi. Elliott LOVED it!
I can't believe she used to be this small!!!
I also can't believe that Emmi Grace is here already. But not only that she is here, but also that she is 10 weeks old and has discovered her fists are mighty tasty!
 Where does the time go? It's so sweet. Time that is.
Even in the darker moments of time the taste of the sweeter carries me through. These girls are definitely my sweeter. Ray is my sweeter.
Life with my family is my sweeter and my reason for living on this earth.
I am in awe at the sweetness that God created when He made family.
Not the broken separated and unconventional families that we create for ourselves...
I marvel at the sweet glimmers of His intent for family and what they should be.
Building each other and not hurting each other. Loving not neglecting. Togetherness.
I wonder if my mom knew how fast time was going to go by with her girls. I wonder if this will be me in the blink of an eye with grandchildren of my own.

I think I'll go hug my toddler.


  1. Time does fly, but you don't need to worry about holding onto today's memories too tightly as we will make more tomorrow.

  2. Linden's going through the wish catalog and repeating (without taking a breath) "we need to circle this Mom, I circled this Mom, Oh I need to circle this!" and I'm thinking just please stop talking for one moment so I can read this blog! But now.. at the end of your post, I will get off the damn computer and cherish this moment! And all the moments. Thanks for the reminder.. Kindergarten has come in the blink of an eye!