Sunday, October 7, 2012

To Blog of Not to Blog...that is the question.

Finally got to a project. It only took a month after Emmi was born! And I didn't get to do it as extravagantly as I had pictured. But I am still pleased.

I purchased this old milk jug off and online garage sale. Actually I got two for $10. I have so far only up-cycled one of them though.

It looks much better all one color I think. I don't love this color but I was trying to pick a color that matched our house. And of course I can and will spray paint it another color later for a different project.
1.50 for this wreath at a thrift store. Flowers and ribbon from the dollar store. "Z" from Michaels. This project took 5 minutes and cost about $7. I wanted to paint the "z" and I want to make the flowers and wrap the wreath in burlap fabric...however, this is what I had time for.
And again,
I can and will change it up for a different project later!
I LOVE these flowers. Super cheap at Superstore. I wasn't ready to let winter take over.
Here is the painted jug with sticks, flowers and pumpkins.
I couldn't get far enough away to get a proper picture of our welcoming Fall doorway. There are the 3 potted flowers to the left and then the sticks pumpkins and yellow flowers to the right. I loved decorating up this door.
Ode to Grammas...

OH how special and wonderful...
How loving...

How helpful...

What a blessing they are to both myself and my girls.
...and don't forget grampas...

Great grampa Les fed Emmi Grace her very first formula.
I am trying to eat more vegetables.
After easily dropping20 pounds post baby, the weight loss has slowed to an almost stop.

Now I have to actually try to get rid of the rest. Only 25 more too go.
I ordered an exercise program today and purged the fridge of naughty food and prepared my list of healthy snacks. No more excuses!!!
But somebody else in the house is supposed to be chubby...
and oh how wonderfully chubby she is. 10 pounds at 6 weeks. that is 3 weeks faster than her older sister hit 10 pounds!
Shes a great little eater my Emmi Grace.
And it had to happen. Only took 2 months before the crayon migrated to the wall. I am actually kinda impressed that it took so long. And it hasn't happened since.
My kid does listen sometimes!!!
My wonderful little artist Elliott Evelyn.
So much fun this girl is. She makes me laugh every day.
My heart is full.

Life is sweet.


  1. growing so fast!! I love these little munchkins. The fall decorations look awesome.