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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sneak Peek

This is just a peek at Elliott's big girl room.I am having so much fun putting it together even if it is taking a painfully long time. Alas, having  a toddler and a belly and a sore leg make for not a lot of time for mama to work on her projects.

These letters were made by a friend of mine. She is the owner-operator of Lil Sunflower Country Works
I purchased them at Christmas and tucked them away. I knew then that I wanted to do her room in grey, black, red and white.
I saw this gorgeous paper lantern idea on Pinterest and had to try it out. I love love love what it adds to the room. I know I'm going to be using it in other rooms and on displays in the future! Christmas decorating ideas already....
My girl is obsessed with balls and every time she sees her new room(which she isn't supposed to see yet) she yells,"BA BA BA!!"
I still need to move the black one up a bit as her little hands can reach it when she is up on her toes on the bed.

The curtains I bought of another lady on FB last year some time. I then decided I didn't like them and tried to sell them in a garage sale. Am I ever glad they didn't sell because I later got the vision for her room from these sweet curtains.

Picked up the bedspread from Ikea this last trip to Calgary. It looks pink in this photo but it is red pinstriped. I am making some throw pillows for it in red so they will change the look a bit.
Here is my late belly shot. I have been taking them every 4 weeks but just didn't get around to it on my 24th week so yesterday Ray took this one at 26 weeks and 1 day pregnant.
I love how it showcases the differences in my tan. Brown to glowing white and then back to brown. HAWT!

I feel huge even though I am smaller then I was with Elliott at this same time. I guess it's all just part of the territory.
I have finally got my eating back to a healthy diet once again after going crazy in the first 4 1/2 months. I am feeling good about that. Just need to get my exercise routine back to an actual routine. One step at a time right?
My side profile is much more forgiving...
Here is a before pick of the dresser I am working on for Elliott's room. I bought it off the lady who does my nails for $45. My original plan was to do distressed white with crystal knobs. Do you know how much crystal knobs cost???
I decided to buy 2 crystal knobs which ut me back $17 dollars.
Now I am attempting my luck at refurbishing the old hardware. How savvy is that?
Google told me to sand them first and then spray them with a metal primer, allow it to dry for 24 hours and then spray 2-3 coats of a good metal spray paint.
Here is one sanded. The adventure begins...

I am really enjoying re finishing this dresser and find myself getting excited about new and unique projects that I can do in the future. One day we will have to have a heated shop to play in. Ray said he wouldn't mind trying his hand at wood working or building a motor bike. I think it would be fun to work on projects in the same shop together. Notice I said "in the same shop together" and not "work on projects together"? Ya, that is because I love my husband and want us to enjoy time in each others presence not kill each other in our brand new imaginary shop.

Life is grand. Elliott is a little doll and my baby bean is so loved and anticipated. Ray is working hard and although he is a bit stressed at times, we know how blessed we are. I love that man.

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A finished project

 This is one of my many second hand purchases for the playroom. I payed $10 for this art easel that has chalk on one side and a place to clip paper on the other side. It fits perfectly in the 4 foot high space.
 I got the little kitchen for free from Amanda Rayner.  I believe it used to be the twin Goulds. It even came with a mighty pile of kitchen accessories.
The lady bug was a $10 unopened second hand purchase while the balls( that's only half of them) where $20 second hand.
 $15 for the 2nd hand desk that opens to store crafting supplies and $5 for the beauty salon you see in the back corner.
 The painting was done by our friend Jeremy as a trade for our old projector. The flooring we got on sale at Canadian Tire which was a bonus as we were not expecting to get it on a deal.
Ray and Jarvis put up drywall and Ray and my mom and Jeremy mudded and sanded to make it pretty.

She loves it. Although she is too sick to enjoy it right now and all she wants to do is snoogle all day long.
But it will be excellent for Ray and I to be able to use our gym which is immaculately clean and de-cluttered now, while our little ones enjoy their playroom.

I love that the ideas that I envisioned for my house when we moved in 4 and 1/2 years ago are slowly but surely coming to reality.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who appears to like making my dreams become reality.
I can't find my before picture of this project but I can describe it to you as a huge messy nasty dusty disorganized disaster. Now there are to beautiful clean and tidy sides to my crawl space. My side is organized with shelves and clarity while the babies side is clean and orderly...for now. I'll settle for clean floors and walls and learn to deal with the beautiful mess of their imaginative minds at play.

I am presently in my last week of my second trimester. Next week begins the last leg of the journey. I am excited. But for now, more projects to keep me busy while I incubate!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunny day

I find this a hilarious instruction when you see the size of this thing...
no kidding DO NOT strike ball with your head!!!
I never thought it would be possible to love two people the way I love these two. And yet with the baby growing in my belly I feel my heart growing right along with it full of love for this new person I don't even know yet.
I wonder if the water birth is responsible for her love of all things wet. I filled this tub up for her to play in, turned my back for a second and in she went. My girl always makes me smile.
Gumboots went for a swim too :)
First quad ride with daddy out at Jarvis and Kristin's place this weekend. She had a blast. Played herself right out and then had a sleep over with gramma and grampazie so mama and daddy could stay out late. I made it until 11:00 and I was done! So nice to sleep in on mother's day though.
And then leisurely made my way down to the Bay to purchase some jewelry and baby clothes for my present.
Ray said I could since he went golfing.
I am pretty sure this little one gained a pound this week. My belly looks and feel heavier.
When I went to the Bay this morning it was 11:30 so I wasn't sure if it would be open since it's Sunday. But as I was walking towards the doors I saw a middle aged heavier lady walking towards the doors on the other side towards the parking lot.
I almost passed out when I realized it was my reflection!!!!!

I'm not kidding.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

blah blah blah

I believe in my last post I mentioned some blah blah blah about not spending money and instead playing with the projects I have....
Alas, I cannot.
I just so enjoy playing with "new" things and old things and all things.
I heard a saying recently that a house is just a place to store your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.
Ya. This is true
New summer colors. I have now purchased 6 new summer colors. I am loving them. But each time I try one out, I just start drooling over the many many many more color possibilities. And considering my home spa or any esthetic work is on hold for the most part until at least a year away, I really shouldn't be spending into this...and yet, I dream of things to change in my spa and colors and techniques...
My baby belly is getting quite large.

I am presently participating in a 12 week Body wise challenge. Of course I am not doing the hardcore phase one as it wouldn't be good for my baby. Instead I am focusing on healthy recipes and lifestyle in order to prepare my body to recover...or keep recovering as it were. I am presently not allowed to do any exercise so the diet portion of my life needs more attention. Tonight we are having basmati rice, chickpea salad and tandori chicken thighs on the bbq. I am feeling the health!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll check out aqua fit for old people and hope my surgeon would approve.
I love clothes. I love them so much. If collecting clothes and shoes and makeup and hair accessories could be considered a hobby, then I am hooked!
I ordered some items from Bootleggers online sale section. It arrived in the mail yesterday. I LOVE getting clothes in the mail!!!!


this kid.