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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Projects to ward off the SAD

In an effort to win back my favorite holiday, I am contemplating making one of these beautiful Christmas wreaths.

Last year I got PPD right around Christmas but didn't have it diagnosed until after so my favorite season was...my mom says if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all so I will leave it at that.

Along with many people in the great white North, I occasionally find myself being affected by seasonal affective disorder otherwise known as S.A.D. This year I intend on taking some active measures against said disorder. I am planning on doing some crafting type projects as well as keeping up with my physiotherapy/exercise regime. I may start tanning in a tanning bed as well. Yes I know it is not great for the skin, but the happy benefits outweigh the risks. Besides, I was thinking once a week or less. Getting out and walking with Elliott or playing on the deck are high on the list of activities, especially on sunny winter days. Spending time reflecting on God's goodness is number one.
I have a plan.
Here is to taking back the beautiful northern BC winter months. They are a gift and I intend to see and experience the greatness in them.

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  1. I recommend Vitamin D. It really really helps. I'd notice a dip in mood/energy if I forgot my pill in the AM.