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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things that make me smile as of late

On October 23 I turned. It was a lovely birthday. I had a party on the 21st and then was whisked away to Mexico with my darling husband, but not before he put in an order for my very own dress form. And here she is.
She was a bit shy with the photos at first so I put a shirt on her.
I love her. She is just my size and I am very much looking forward to some time to alter and sew and play! I think I'll name her Suzzy.
Found this sweet little snow suit and jacket at Winners for $49 bux. It's adorable, however Elliott can not move in it and she hates it. But maybe she'll change her mind when we get some snow and I take her out to play.
Posing pretty to model the sweater that cousin Kaelen knit for her.
Shoes. I love these shoes.
This complete outfit; shoes, dress, and necklace are all from my favorite second hand store. Love that! Thrifting is a passion of mine. I love putting together trendy outfits for a fraction of the cost. Too bad I thrift so much that it's probably not really saving me any money...but let's not think that way.
I shaved all summer and then let my leg hair grow out for a month. So satisfying was this waxing experience that I had to photograph it and share it.
My lovely birthday gift from my dear sisterinlaw Carmen. I love this hat. It is so cozy and soft and not scratchy.

There you have it, a random blog about things that make me smile as of late :)

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