Friday, June 8, 2012

Facebook gets a capital "F"

I know I already posted two of these to Facebook, but what can I say, I'm stoked about this hairstyle.

My friend Erin is a hairdresser at La Tienda in Prince George and she is wonderful. She looked at the pick and made it happen.

From the side slightly
Just down with a few light curls. She made it look so easy. I hope I can replicate the easy curls.
I feel like my face looks fat right now. And I'm not fishing either. I just am feeling the effects of 3rd trimester pregnancy. Sore hips and back. Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction. Lack of sleep due to constant peeing and mind racing.

I am truly looking forward to this baby being on the outside. Yes I know the challenges are still there only different, but at least I can start planning for surgery and getting the body back to it's strong tough and capable self.
I weigh less than I did at this point with Elliott. I'm feeling pretty good about that. Feeling pretty healthy despite being sore and tired.

Speaking of capable...and I may regret this...
but I did it anyway. Move a bunch of big stuff to the back of the crawlspace and also set up a table and carried some big stuff outside to paint this weekend.

Sometimes I just think if I just "do" then all of a sudden I'll just be able to do everything I could before. I'm just not interested in being decrepit. It's just not for me. I want to die old and healthy and still lifting my own boxes and exercising and getting my own groceries, cutting my own lawn. Stuff like that.
Accident or no, I won't give up on my goal of being a healthy fit old person. I want to live this life and really live it good.

She helps.

She is just so wonderful. I am so happy to give her a sibling and have my two babies. Life is wonderful and I am enjoying it.
I love how she reclines and crosses her ankles while she's chillin with her sippy watchin a fllick. She warms my heart and makes me smile.

I've got some projects lined up for this weekend. I'm going to finish Elliott's dresser and mirror and start on her dolly bed. It is a lot easier to get projects done when Ray is home to watch her.
Today I nearly had a breakdown trying to wax my underarms with her hanging out with me. She is just so curious and busy. I love her though, so I'll keep her forever and ever.
They did get waxed and with only a minor Elliott breakdown when I locked her out of my room for 2 minutes. 2 minutes that apparently hurt her feelings pretty bad.
She did get to help me put lotion on my legs this morning though, and then we put some on hers. I love my girly girl. She is one of my most favorite people to hang out with in this world even if we don't always see eye to eye on what we are going to do each day.

And she is currently having a nice long nap wherein mama got the house tidied, the projects set up and a HUGE junk of my spa/mama playroom cleaned out and the beginning of garage sale organizing started. Garage sale isn't until June 23rd but I want to be really prepared. It's part of spring cleaning and it feels oh so good.

I think I might be nesting, although, I sorta just am a putter so I guess I am always nesting. I just enjoy order and organization. I enjoy pretty things and making things pretty. Ray thinks I'm nuts I'm sure...but he's still here so maybe he must like it.

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  1. I do like the hair, and your baby is crazy. But now its summer time so you can let her climb on her slide while you are waxing!