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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Planting flowers and playing outside

 I believe I purchased the hooks for these hanging baskets about 3 years ago. It's amazing how much I can procrastinate. I finally bought 2 $15 dollar hanging baskets from Superstore and got my dear husband to put them up for me. He did it however he had no smile on his face.
They look like baby petunias to me although I really don't know what they are.
 I went out with my good friend Sarah this Saturday and hit about 12 garage sales. I totally made out like a bandit. Sarah said I should've low balled everyone but I couldn't do it. The prices seemed good to me so I just paid them.
I got these 3extra large terracotta pots for $10. That's $10 for all 3! To buy these new at Home Depot or Walmart I would be looking at$35-$45 dollars a piece. That is why I've never bought them even though I've always had my eye on them.

At another garage sale they were selling petunias and marigolds 4 for $2. I spent $16 on flowers to fill these pots plus add some more to my other pots. Sweet deal!
 Every year I pretty much only buy petunias. And every year I say that I am going to buy something different or something that comes back every year so I can really get Ray's monies worth. And yet, I only buy petunias year after year. They are so faithful. I think I fear other flowers maybe not being so faithful.
This cute little hook and stand was left under our deck by the last owners. I'm so glad because I love it.
 I can't wait to get new trim, new door paint, new windows and new light fixtures to spruce up the outside of our place. Maybe next year...
In the meantime, the potted plants smell and look lovely and welcoming.
 Our deck, although functional and large enough for parties, is quite ugly and in need of a spruce up.
But again, maybe next year and in the meantime the potted flowers are so lovely.
 Mr Toad who Elliott likes to throw on the ground.
 My one hanging basket off the deck. Last owners left this here too. I'm glad. It's happy.
Danielle filled this garden bed with some veggies. Unfortunately I think she jumped the gun a bit because a lot of them are dead.
It still looks nice however not overgrown with weeds and grass.
I like to think that I will put my yard and flower pots away properly this year so that it will be much easier to pretty up the yard next spring...but I must give myself grace is it doesn't happen due to the toddler and the new baby :)

In the mean time, I am enjoying spending time with Elliott outside in the yard and taking care of my flowers, watching both my sweet girl and my belly grow right along with the petunias. Having kids and planting flowers are both rewarding pass times. I love my babies...and I love my flowers!


  1. Totally nice hanging basket stand! And all the other flowers.. But I especially love when the old owners leave stuff you actually want!

  2. What about the garage sale antique dresser??

  3. Nice flowers, and I did so smile.