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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I guess it's time for an update

My belly feels ginormous! This sweet little baby kicks my book when I rest it there. Or my tea, or my arm, or its sibs head.
I quite like it actually.
The kicking that is, not the ginormous part.
Sometimes I look in the mirror and think to myself,"hey self, you don't look to bad" and then other times  I feel nasty large and out of shape. Round is a shape I know, however not the one I've strived for my entire life.

Here is belly bump at 29wks 3 dys. It's getting so close that it's mentally painful as well as physical. Mentally because I am so eager to be done. This pregnancy has not been a breeze. Well, it actually has been compared to most however it's my body so I can whine if  I want to. And  I do want to so I am done done done done done done DONE DONE DONE!!!

...only I'm not, and that sucks.

I just want to meet this little one and get my strength back.
Elliott is currently on the 3rd hour of her nap in her big girl room. She is wonderful!

This is a photo from last night. Only cried for 5 minutes at the door before she crawled up into her big bed and went to sleep.
I am so proud of her. She is so amazing to me every day.
Sat on her bed and talked and played by herself until daddy went in to get her this morning. It's funny because she could totally get down if she wanted to.
They say great minds think alike and fools rarely differ so there you have it. We all coordinated yesterday. Elliott and I on purpose and Ray on accident.
We are a good looking bunch if I don't say so myself.

Getting ready for a garage sale on Saturday and a bridal makeup party tonight. Baking cinnamon buns, cleaning house, and hanging with my girl. I love my life. Even when I feel whiny. I still love this wonderful life. We are very fortunate and very blessed.


  1. You are a fine looking bunch! Before we know it you'll be 'four'. Can hardly wait xo

  2. Love your striped shirt! I think it's normal to feel like whining even though we have everything we need and want. Human nature. Our life may be awesome but it still sucks a little bit. Sometimes. :)

  3. Your little baby is so cute in her big bed.