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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I am addicted to Shiny sparkly things...

I've been a wee bit crazy with the boxing day sales.
But I'm done now.
I'm not leaving this house for fear of spending $$$

A little trip was taken to Sally today. I found some delicious polish. The pinkish hue is called "Aloha" Love it!
I have been loving how some of the Hollywood ladies do their lips. Jennifer Lopez, Angelina and Kim all wear nude lips with expressive eye makeup and I gotta say, I love it! Found me a nice shade today. Smells and feels amazing and cost about $4.
I feel FAMOUS!
In my mind, I am so very very cool now.
My love got the drills he wanted thanks to our amazing family who donated Home Depot cards for Christmas. He is pretty stoked. Now to get him to put up my shelves and do my decorating bidding. He said they need to charge for like 2 days. But I think he's trying to buy time.
Daddy has a perfect bald head to drive a car on. I love watching them play. It is seriously my favorite thing to do in this whole world.

I got jipped.
I've always wanted a Guess purse.
It's just that I change my purses too often to pay full price for one. So I check the Thrifts every now and again. I've seen them at Value Village before, but never one I really loved.
Today I see this one:
I was so stoked I bought it without a second glance or thought.
Get home to realize it's a knockoff. And I so would've noticed that had I actually taken the time to look at it. But as is my usual habit...I just loose my mind when I see happy shiny things in stores...
Well, sometimes anyway :)


  1. Knock off Shmock off - it still does the job right?

  2. AH HAha ha. I just published that comment about Ray and had to type the code word to prove that I am not a robot.

    My word? Spent

    I thought it was funny.