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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A sick little baby

My poor girl had croup over Christmas. She woke up barking like a seal at 2am on Christmas day. It broke my heart to see her trying so hard to have fun when she was so weak and tired. I love my girl, she's a rockstar.

She got some lovely treats from some lovely Martell's over Christmas. Apparently her little buddy Jude has this same towel in blue. I love it! And she thinks it's pretty sweet too.
Elliott is just learning to climb. It's kinda freaky actually. I'm constantly grabbing her last minute or putting my hand over sharp corners. And the worst part is, I can't stop it. It is the stage she is at and most likely an important part of development that if I squelch...she will need years of therapy to right that wrong.
Plus, she really is proud of herself.

New years.
It's happy.
2012, you are welcome in my world. I have no regrets leaving 2011, it was a great year despite the crazy parts...and I've got nothing but excitement heading into 2012.

Even this was my FB status...and you know if it was on FB then it is absolutely true!!!
as crazy as it might sound, 2011 has been amazing! Through every crazy traumatic experience life has thrown at us this year, our amazing loving Father has given us more than enough grace and love and blessings to not just carry us through but to bring us out on top, better than ever. To our family and friends whose love carried us when we could not walk, be blessed beyond reason in 2012...I know we will be!
I don't think I have any new years resolutions. Everyday I wake up I resolve to be a better person with more love so I don't see what the big deal is about making a list on New years.


  1. Did you purposely give a shout-out to the Martells knowing I'd be reading this today? :) Either way, I'll take it! Elliott looks very cute in her owl towel.
    Also, on an earlier blog you posted a picture of a drink dispenser thingy...I think from Costco. Didn't I see that in your kitchen when we came over? If so, way to live your dreams.

  2. PS- I had to 'sign-up' for blogger just to comment...that's how much you and your very interesting and always entertaining blog mean to me.

  3. haha! I'm flattered because I think I am quite unexciting most of the time!
    Ray bought the dispenser for me for Christmas. He did really well this year, got me everything on my list pretty much!
    I love that towel, she is so fun wondering around in it after her bath, it's so cute! And her jammies are perfect!