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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Memories

Every year I say I'm going to go to the Festival of Trees, and every year I don't. This year I thought it would be something fun to do with Miss Mouse and the grammas. So we made an evening of it.
This giant bear came by to talk to E and give her a sticker. She was quite surprised by him but she didn't cry. My girl is so curious and brave. I love those qualities about her. She has no fear and it makes her scardy cat mama so very proud.
The guy in the background was so impressed that my tiny girl didn't cry but the 3 year old boy at the table screamed like a girl when the bear went to give him a sticker!
She was so excited by oh so many sites at the Festival. Taking her out of the buggy may have been a mistake, but she had so much fun. It was like a giant winter wonderland to her.

We fed her some really gross overpriced pizza while she wore the toque that cousin Kaelen knit for her birthday. She liked the pizza, wish I could say the same for the toque!
Elliott with her gorgeous gramma.
Gramma Arlis was asking for trouble putting her down in the gift shop. But she had so much fun in there! Everything was sparkly!
I think I'll take her again next year. Maybe make a tradition of it. Next year my legs won't hurt so bad so we can linger longer and really take it all in.
My wonderful husband bought me a new dinning room set after the other new dining room set proved to be crap. Thankfully Costco has an awesome return policy so we didn't get stuck with the crappy one. This one is from the Brick and seats 8. The leaf folds up inside and the seats are comfy and padded for our sore legs and my sore backside. It has 6 chairs and one long bench. I love the decorating possibilities this opens up for me :) I get it on Friday.
My sweet mouse just always wants to be where I am. So she lays on the floor in the kitchen while I make dinner and alternates between yelling at me and mooching food. So fun she is :)


  1. What a little cutie! :3 No more hand knits for you elliot, you unappreciative brat! (cute brat though...)

  2. lots of fun:) and I never noticed as much that your mom and grandma are smiling exactly the same:) beautiful ladies.