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Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 is sure to hold some excitement!

I am expecting...great things for 2012.
It's going to be wonderful.
If I can avoid eating all of these...
and these...
Then My August baby should be a nice little healthy 6-7 pounds :)
Unfortunately my friend Megan loves me too much and wants to show it with baking and treats. I think I should eat the flowers she gave me and share the cookies with Elliott.
...well, she doesn't need them all either so I think I'll have to have a party and share them with 12 or 13 people. Yes, I think that is best.

My mouse used to be so small! She is still small but gets into big messes now and doesn't sit still for even a second!
I am finding it hard to come up with much energy right now in this first trimester. I remember not having much energy in my first trimester with Elliott so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I don't remember being so freaking hungry though, and I don't think I was this nauseous but maybe I just can't remember. It's definitely worse at night though.
I do however remember that as soon as 12 weeks hit, I felt normal again. I'm holding out to feel normal in Mexico :)
Mom and I at Costco with Miss E. I had poutine. I do remember it being really hard not to give into all the cravings of pregnancy. I know that they are mostly in my head because my body probably wants a bit of salt on my potato rather than a salty dish of poutine from Costco...alas, it is hard.
I just realized how amazing shopping buggys are. It's like a playpen on wheels. Brilliant!!!
I need one for every outing!
Speaking of outings...I gotta get my sorry butt of this couch and take my baby for a walk. Maybe it will help me shake this nasty feeling of lethargy and general bummedoutness.

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  1. Elliott eating a cookie looks like her head is on backwards.