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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Water Baby

Elliott's first time swimming this Sunday past. Her awesome daddy took her and she got to play with her Uncle Patrick and Aunty Tamara and cousins Martina and Linden. She had a blast! It warmed my heart that her 6-12 months bathing suit that Gramma Mary bought her post accident still fits her little 16 month body!
Look at that hunk of burning love in the background! WoooooooooHAWWWWWW!
So precious daddy and little baby daughter time. I love how he loves her and I love how she loves him. It's the sweetest thing.
This kid loves the water. Bath time is such a treat. She could play in there until her lips are blue and her fingers are all wrinkled!
My sweet girl.
I hope she always loves her bath...
I remember my poor mother having to threaten us to take ours because we just wanted to keep playing outside!

We are heading to Mexico this weekend for some much needed R&R. I am counting down, although I think I'll miss my mouse even more this time around! I have to remind myself that this time next year there will be two babies and less me time so I need to take it while I can :)