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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I could be doing...

Yesterday it was 50% off day for preferred customers at Value Village. Of course I'm a preferred customer. I picked up my friend Natalie and off we went in search of a bargain. $78 dollars later I have 2 bags of awesome finds and a huge smile on my face. I even scored some maternity pants and a maternity denim skirt both from Old Navy originally. Found a Roxy Fall/Spring jacket and a Roxy puffy wintery vest. Stumbled upon a gorgeous embellished pair of flats from Aldo and a second pair of plain and simple black ballet flats from who knows where. I lucked out with a comfy black linen A-line skirt that is perfect for my getting bigger and getting smaller stages that I just LOVE! New vase, new wallet, and adorable dress for after I loose all my baby weight. What a shopping experience!

My lovely husband purchased this for me for no reason. He said it is because he doesn't like grinding my coffee and getting the stink of it on his hands. I heard, "baby, you know how much I love you!"
18 more sleeps until Mexico with friends. I am so excited to relax with our besties. It's going to be so relaxing, especially because we are avoiding hurricane season this time :)

I'm doing some research to start this new adventure it may be helpful.
For some reason I have a fear of gestational diabetes or oldagenottakingcareofmyself diabetes.
This fear may stem from the fact that since the accident I haven't been able to shake the sugar habit. I am an addict. So we'll see how this next adventure goes :) I don't want a giant baby or a giant belly! Well, one is inevitable but the other I can do something about :)

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