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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Water Baby

Elliott's first time swimming this Sunday past. Her awesome daddy took her and she got to play with her Uncle Patrick and Aunty Tamara and cousins Martina and Linden. She had a blast! It warmed my heart that her 6-12 months bathing suit that Gramma Mary bought her post accident still fits her little 16 month body!
Look at that hunk of burning love in the background! WoooooooooHAWWWWWW!
So precious daddy and little baby daughter time. I love how he loves her and I love how she loves him. It's the sweetest thing.
This kid loves the water. Bath time is such a treat. She could play in there until her lips are blue and her fingers are all wrinkled!
My sweet girl.
I hope she always loves her bath...
I remember my poor mother having to threaten us to take ours because we just wanted to keep playing outside!

We are heading to Mexico this weekend for some much needed R&R. I am counting down, although I think I'll miss my mouse even more this time around! I have to remind myself that this time next year there will be two babies and less me time so I need to take it while I can :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Comment on my blog immediately, I'm insecure.

On facebook yesterday someone had posted the picture of the Mcdonald's happy meal that had been sitting on the counter for 4 months...unchanged.
It was a great reminder of what fast food or processed food does, or doesn't do. And if it acts that way, it surely can't be good for my body, or my baby's body.So when I had a dream the previous night about Wendy's fries and junior bacon cheeseburger, I knew what must be done...

I homemade these delicious chicken strips and baked french fries. I then made gravy and made them into poutine. So very satisfying.
Well...it was yesterday, but now after typing it out I realize how much I want that Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburger and small fries.
I am so proud of my mouse.
Her mother has been in a state of laziness and unmotivation. I forgot how exhausting the first trimester can be...and with all those good intentions just laying there untapped.
I feel defeated by the need to sleep and stare at the wall.
Plus my stupid knee is hurting again. Argh!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Conquering new things

I can't find any photos of my girl using her spoon. I know I have taken may since this is a new thing she has conquered, but alas, my brain is too tired from little bean to find any.
She can feed herself with a spoon or fork and she is getting really good at it. It is really nice for mama who can sit and enjoy her own dinner or even get some kitchen stuff done. It takes Elliott quite a while longer to feed herself then when I feed her...brilliant use of her distraction time for me!
Here is the finished product of the fantastic Euro hem jeans I did for Ray. I am very pleased with myself even if it took...er...ahem, 3 times to get it right.
You know my problem is that I don't measure before hand or re read instructions which is to my own detriment. Will I ever learn? Probably not since I've been like this since I can remember. I would inadvertently choose to do things 2,3 or even 4 times over than prep properly. Maybe this should be my new years resolution.
First attempt...
He mighta looked a little queer at work had I left these this way.
My girl is also learning to sit through a whole reading of a book instead of grabbing it and throwing it on the floor. She is getting interested and patient. It is so fun.
I can't believe how much she learns and how fast. She is brilliant and each week holds new wonders to discover. I love watching her learn. She is motivation for me.
My two favorite peeps :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I could be doing...

Yesterday it was 50% off day for preferred customers at Value Village. Of course I'm a preferred customer. I picked up my friend Natalie and off we went in search of a bargain. $78 dollars later I have 2 bags of awesome finds and a huge smile on my face. I even scored some maternity pants and a maternity denim skirt both from Old Navy originally. Found a Roxy Fall/Spring jacket and a Roxy puffy wintery vest. Stumbled upon a gorgeous embellished pair of flats from Aldo and a second pair of plain and simple black ballet flats from who knows where. I lucked out with a comfy black linen A-line skirt that is perfect for my getting bigger and getting smaller stages that I just LOVE! New vase, new wallet, and adorable dress for after I loose all my baby weight. What a shopping experience!

My lovely husband purchased this for me for no reason. He said it is because he doesn't like grinding my coffee and getting the stink of it on his hands. I heard, "baby, you know how much I love you!"
18 more sleeps until Mexico with friends. I am so excited to relax with our besties. It's going to be so relaxing, especially because we are avoiding hurricane season this time :)

I'm doing some research to start this new adventure it may be helpful.
For some reason I have a fear of gestational diabetes or oldagenottakingcareofmyself diabetes.
This fear may stem from the fact that since the accident I haven't been able to shake the sugar habit. I am an addict. So we'll see how this next adventure goes :) I don't want a giant baby or a giant belly! Well, one is inevitable but the other I can do something about :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 is sure to hold some excitement!

I am expecting...great things for 2012.
It's going to be wonderful.
If I can avoid eating all of these...
and these...
Then My August baby should be a nice little healthy 6-7 pounds :)
Unfortunately my friend Megan loves me too much and wants to show it with baking and treats. I think I should eat the flowers she gave me and share the cookies with Elliott.
...well, she doesn't need them all either so I think I'll have to have a party and share them with 12 or 13 people. Yes, I think that is best.

My mouse used to be so small! She is still small but gets into big messes now and doesn't sit still for even a second!
I am finding it hard to come up with much energy right now in this first trimester. I remember not having much energy in my first trimester with Elliott so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I don't remember being so freaking hungry though, and I don't think I was this nauseous but maybe I just can't remember. It's definitely worse at night though.
I do however remember that as soon as 12 weeks hit, I felt normal again. I'm holding out to feel normal in Mexico :)
Mom and I at Costco with Miss E. I had poutine. I do remember it being really hard not to give into all the cravings of pregnancy. I know that they are mostly in my head because my body probably wants a bit of salt on my potato rather than a salty dish of poutine from Costco...alas, it is hard.
I just realized how amazing shopping buggys are. It's like a playpen on wheels. Brilliant!!!
I need one for every outing!
Speaking of outings...I gotta get my sorry butt of this couch and take my baby for a walk. Maybe it will help me shake this nasty feeling of lethargy and general bummedoutness.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A sick little baby

My poor girl had croup over Christmas. She woke up barking like a seal at 2am on Christmas day. It broke my heart to see her trying so hard to have fun when she was so weak and tired. I love my girl, she's a rockstar.

She got some lovely treats from some lovely Martell's over Christmas. Apparently her little buddy Jude has this same towel in blue. I love it! And she thinks it's pretty sweet too.
Elliott is just learning to climb. It's kinda freaky actually. I'm constantly grabbing her last minute or putting my hand over sharp corners. And the worst part is, I can't stop it. It is the stage she is at and most likely an important part of development that if I squelch...she will need years of therapy to right that wrong.
Plus, she really is proud of herself.

New years.
It's happy.
2012, you are welcome in my world. I have no regrets leaving 2011, it was a great year despite the crazy parts...and I've got nothing but excitement heading into 2012.

Even this was my FB status...and you know if it was on FB then it is absolutely true!!!
as crazy as it might sound, 2011 has been amazing! Through every crazy traumatic experience life has thrown at us this year, our amazing loving Father has given us more than enough grace and love and blessings to not just carry us through but to bring us out on top, better than ever. To our family and friends whose love carried us when we could not walk, be blessed beyond reason in 2012...I know we will be!
I don't think I have any new years resolutions. Everyday I wake up I resolve to be a better person with more love so I don't see what the big deal is about making a list on New years.